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Do your property management fees impact your agency growth? A Growth Case Study

Growing a property management agency is a critical area for Principals to conquer. Whether it’s agency fees, revenue structure, team structure, or rent roll, there are many elements to consider and not just one cookie-cutter method for success.

This is the second post in our growth series (read the first post here) and we’ve created a small case study which explores two of the most significant growth questions: How much should an agency charge for management fees? And do you need to lower your fees to compete?

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Add this 1 question to your repertoire and your earning potential will rocket

I was talking to my best friends recently who own 5 properties in close proximity and have them with 4 different agencies. I asked them why they haven’t changed them to one property manager to make it easier on them? The male said, ‘well we’ve kept them with the property manager that is from the sales agency’ and then went on to say, ‘and to be honest, I can’t be bothered taking the time to, given I don’t really get anything from any of them.’


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Select the right property manager for the client – No more eeny meeny miney moe!


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